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10 Best Christian Easter Activities for Families to Honor Christ

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Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your family. However, over the years, it has become more about the candy and the Easter eggs and less about Christ’s sacrifice for us. It’s important that Christian households teach their children the true meaning of Easter. These Christian Easter activities for families are all great ways to spend time with each other on Easter while focusing on Jesus. 

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10 Activities to Celebrate A Christ-Centered Easter

1. Egg Resurrection

If you’ve never heard of the Egg resurrection, it’s an awesome way to teach children about Christ’s resurrection. Using easter eggs and small symbolic props, you can teach children the story of the resurrection. 

You can get a pre-made Resurrection Egg kit on Amazon, or you can make your own using this tutorial!

2. Do Some Crafts

There are tons of different Easter crafts to choose from for all different ages! Search for Christian Easter crafts on Pinterest and see which ideas would work best for your family. Here are a few popular ideas:

  • Empty tomb craft
  • Easter cross with painter’s tape or tissue paper
  • Easter story crafts – stones, wreaths, etc. 
  • Make a crown of thorns

3. Have a Family Dinner

Having a nice dinner as a family is an excellent way to honor Christ. And as a special Easter-themed dinner, you can add some resurrection rolls to the meal! 

Resurrection rolls are a super fun way to learn about the resurrection while eating some delicious food. Using rolls and marshmallows, you can bake your rolls to look like a tomb to represent Christ’s resurrection. Here is the full tutorial for resurrection rolls

4. Watch Christian Movies

There are so many ways to celebrate and honor Christ during our daily activities, such as watching movies and television. There are tons of movies out there about Easter or Christian movies in general. 

One really great tv show that tells the story of Christ is The Chosen. It’s fun to watch, educational, and accurate. It’s a must-see! 

5. Easter Story Game/Hunt

One popular game that families play on Easter is to create the story of Jesus. You can do this by picking ten different events from Christ’s life and writing them on strips of paper, cutting them out and mixing them up, and having your family put them in chronological order. 

To make this fit with more current Easter traditions, you can put each event into a plastic egg with some candy and do an Easter egg hunt first. 

Here are some ideas to add to your list of Christ’s life events:

  • Jesus was born
  • The Last Supper
  • Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fish
  • Peter denied Jesus
  • Jesus was crucified
  • Jesus was resurrected

6. Read Easter Stories/Books

You can find tons of Easter stories online or Easter books in any store. There are books and stories for all ages. Reading books is a great way to celebrate Christ with your family. You can also take time to read some scriptures, specifically the New Testament to learn about the true meaning of Easter. 

7. Bake Easter Goodies

There are so, so many different Easter-themed treats you can make with your family. Whether you’re looking for things like bunnies and baby chicks or more Christian-themed treats, like crosses or other symbols. 

Head over to Pinterest to get some ideas for Easter treats or snacks to celebrate a Christ-centered Easter. 

8. Attend a Church Service

Many churches will offer a special church service on Easter. This is a great opportunity for families to hear about Christ’s sacrifice and His atonement. Some churches offer fun events, special musical performances, or a skit that shares the story of Easter. 

9. Listen to Easter Songs/Hymns

There are many beautiful songs or Hymns that honor Jesus and his atonement. If you can’t find Easter-themed music, listening to any worship music is still great. Listening to Christian songs is a great way to include God and Jesus Christ in our daily lives without spending any extra time or effort. 

10. Do An Easter Science Experiment

There are many fun science experiments out there that are centered around Easter, and there are even a few that focus on a Christ-centered Easter. Science experiments are fun and exciting while still being educational and informative. 

Here are a few science projects that honor a Christian Easter:

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Final Thoughts On These Christian Easter Activities for Families

We hope these Christ-centered Easter activities will come in handy at your house this Easter! While the treats, Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and more are all so much fun, it’s important that we teach our children the true meaning of Easter. Easter is the perfect reminder that we should have a daily focus on Christ and everything He does for us. 

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