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9 Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas to Honor Jesus

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Easter is such an exciting holiday for kids. With the Easter egg hunts, treats, and decorations, what kid wouldn’t get excited about Easter? However, as a Christian household, it’s important to teach our children the true meaning of Easter! Giving your children a Christ-centered Easter Basket is a great way to celebrate Jesus and honor His sacrifice. 

Whether you want an Easter basket that solely focuses on Christ, or if you just want to add a few items to it that represent Christ, these ideas are all great! 

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9 Things to Add to Your Children’s Easter Basket to Celebrate Jesus 

1. Christian Movies

Every kid loves movies! And there are lots of Easter movies that focus on Jesus and the true meaning of Easter. Here are a few Easter movies for kids that would be great for a child’s Easter basket:

  • The Easter Story Keepers
  • The Greatest Adventures of the Bible: The Easter Story
  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • VeggieTales: An Easter Carol
  • The Miracle Maker

2. Christian Books

Books are such a wonderful investment. Children can never read enough books. There are so many different great Easter books for kids; here are a few popular ones to choose from:

  • A Jesus Easter: Explore God’s Amazing Rescue Plan – By Barbara Roaech
  • The Story of Easter – By Patricia A. Pingry
  • Jesus Calling Easter Prayers: The Easter Bible Story for Kids – By Sarah Young
  • The King of Easter: Jesus Searches for All God’s Children – By Todd R. Haines

Other book ideas for kids:

3. Craft Supplies

Allowing your kids to get creative and do some crafts is a great way to spend Easter while still focusing on Christ. If you look on Pinterest, you can find tons of Christian Easter crafts. Here is a few crafty ideas to add to your Easter baskets:

  • Bible stories Water Wow book
  • Coloring book
  • DIY Crown of thorns
  • Empty tomb craft

4. Ressurection Eggs

If you haven’t heard of resurrection eggs, they are the perfect bridge between modern Easter traditions and the true meaning of Easter. You can get a pre-made Resurrection Egg kit on Amazon, or you can make your own using this tutorial!

5. Puzzles & Games

Puzzles and games are a great addition to any Easter basket. They are a great way to keep kids busy, and they are reusable. You can find lots of Christian puzzles online, or you can even find printable puzzles that you can print and cut out. Here are some other games and activities for Easter basket stuffers:

6. Christian-themed Baked Goods

There are lots of fun treats you can bake with or for your families. You can make chocolate eggs, cross-shaped cookies, resurrection rolls, etc. Head over to Pinterest for lots of fun ideas. 

7. Graphic Tees, Accessories, Stickers, etc. 

People have created so much fun, cute Christian decor, graphic tees, accessories, stickers, and so much more. Any of these would be great additions to an Easter basket. 

  • ‘Easter is for Jesus’ shirt
  • Melissa and Doug reusable stickers
  • Cross jewelry

8. Toys

Toys can be pricey and sometimes end up being a waste of money, but kids just love them. And what better toys than ones that reflect Jesus and all He did for us? Here are a few ideas for toys that focus on Christ:

  • Resurrection toys
  • Stuffed lamb
  • Bible story figurines
  • Noahs Ark 
  • The easter story egg

Don’t forget to check out our list of Christian Easter Activities for Families! 

9. Outfit for Church

If your family attends church or plans to on Easter, a cute new church outfit is a great Easter basket addition. A cute Easter dress and pretty shoes, or a button-up shirt and a little tie! Adorable. 

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Final Thoughts On These Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas

We hope you were able to get a bunch of great ideas for your children’s Easter basket from this list. Easter is the perfect opportunity to focus on Christ’s atonement and teach our children about the importance of His sacrifice for us. There’s nothing wrong with partaking in all of the modern Easter traditions offered today, but it’s important that we take some time to focus on Jesus too! 

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