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The 8 Best Faith Based Movies Every Christian Needs To Watch

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It can be hard these days to find a decent movie to watch, that you know is going to be uplifting, enjoyable, and appropriate. Because most of what’s on TV just isn’t any of those anymore, sadly. But, I can assure you, that these 8 faith based movies are not going to disappoint!

I have personally watched them all (most of them multiple times) and I put my stamp of approval on them. These are the top 8 movies every Christian should see!

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The Ultimate List of Inspirational Christian Movies that Everyone Needs to Watch

1. God’s Not Dead 

God’s Not Dead is one of the most amazing examples of how just strong we should be in our faith. So strong, that even if everyone around us is willing to throw their faith out the window just because someone tells them to, or because someone wants us to, that doesn’t mean we do it. 

The main character, Josh, refuses to say he doesn’t believe in God, even if his grade depends on it, and he’s willing to fight for what he believes is right. And that’s exactly what is expected of us, to always defend Christ’s name, no matter who we are talking to or what the circumstance. (Also, there is a God’s Not Dead 2 and God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness)

2. I Can Only Imagine

This movie is a very motivational film, in quite a few ways. I love that it shows that people can change. The main character’s father was very abusive his whole life, but he changes. Also, the main character, Bart, never gives up on his dream of being a singer/songwriter even when people don’t believe in him. And it pays off! The movie leaves you feeling warm, loving, and very inspired. 

3. Heaven Is For Real

Heaven is for Real is especially moving because it’s based on a true story. A little boy has a near-death experience, and he gets a glimpse of what heaven is like. But, when he tells everyone about his experience, some people are not as thrilled about what he has to say, and some people just simply don’t believe him. But it’s undeniable what this little boy seems to know! 

4. The Shack

The Shack is a truly inspirational movie. But, it is quite the tear-jerker. A man goes on a spiritual journey that changes his life completely and alters his outlook on grief, hate, and forgiveness. 

He meets God and comes to understand God’s role in the world, and why God lets bad things happen. This movie is truly captivating. 

5. Fireproof

Fireproof is a powerful, life-changing movie, especially for couples. To see how much pride, disconnection, and misunderstanding can affect a couple is hard. 

But to see how it’s possible, with the help of God, and your own willingness to change, to completely transform your relationship into something even stronger and more beautiful than before, is truly amazing. 

Every couple should watch this movie. 

6. An Interview with God

An Interview with God is a pretty powerful film. A soldier returns from war and is now working as a journalist and is offered an interview with a man claiming to be God. He’s also in the process of dealing with his marriage that is falling apart, and he is feeling quite overwhelmed and confused, and his faith is really being tried and tested. To see how he reacts to these experiences, and how his interview with God comes along is great! 

7. Letters to God

Letters to God is one of the sweetest movies you’ll probably ever watch. A young boy who is fighting cancer decides to write letters to God every day and gives them to the mailman, who soon becomes a friend of the family. 

These letters become a blessing to everyone around the little boy and he doesn’t even know it. It’s such an inspirational movie. 

8. The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift is such an amazing movie. It’s about a young arrogant man who is originally supposed to inherit a fortune from a rich family member, but instead is forced to jump through hoops to get the inheritance. But, along the way, he learns a lot of important life lessons, as well as meets a young dying girl, who just so happens to change his life. 

It provides such a powerful message about gratitude, respect, love, hope, faith, and so much more. I would recommend this movie to everyone. 

Would you add any faith based movies to this list of movies every Chrisitian should see? Are there any Christian movies you and your family like? Leave your answer in the comments below, I am always on the hunt for new movies! 

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  1. We’re constantly checking out Christian based movie from the library. We just found 2 more, “Letters to God” & The Ultimate Gift.” Send a me list of Christian based movies! We’ve seen most of them but are looking for new movies.
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