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19 Best Christian Christmas Activities to Put the Focus On Christ This Holiday Season

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Getting caught up in the fun that Christmas and the holiday season brings can be easy. We often get so busy with gifts, vacations, dinners, and everything else that accompanies the holidays that we forget what Christmas is all about; Christ! This list of Christian Christmas activities will help you ensure your family prioritizes Jesus Christ during this Christmas season. 

Whether you want to celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas or just take time out of your busy schedule to remember Him and show gratitude, this list will help you accomplish your goals. 

19 Christian Christmas Activities to Keep the Focus on Christ

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1. Attend a Christmas Church Service

There are many different churches to choose from that all offer a Christmas service. Some perform musicals, plays, and more. This is a great opportunity to celebrate Christ and teach your kids about Jesus and Christmas. 

2. Read the Nativity Story

Whether on your own or with your family, the Christmas season is the perfect time to read the Nativity story! 

3. Light the World Service Opportunity 

The Light the World service opportunity is a program designed by the LDS church to promote ministering and supporting others, one at a time, just as Christ did. You can also donate to the giving machine as a way to serve and support those in need. 

4. Find Different Names of Christ in the Bible

There are a surprising number of names of Christ in the scriptures, and it can be fun to see how many different ones you can find. To make this part of the holiday routine, try finding one new name for Christ daily as a family. 

5. 12 Days of Christ-mas Activity

You can put a spin on the traditional 12 Days of Christmas by putting the focus on Jesus Christ. Our printable 12 Days of Christ-mas activity is a great way to encourage this in your home. 

6. Complete a Service Project

Find a service project that you and your family could take part in. You can make blankets, work at the soup kitchen, make personal care kits for the homeless, sew masks, and so much more! There are so many ways you can serve those in need. 

7. Donate to the Food Bank

Donating to the food bank is an easy way to give to those struggling. The holiday season is focused greatly on food, which can be stressful for those families who can’t afford a lavish dinner. The food bank can help with a nice Christmas dinner for families who otherwise might not have been able to get it. 

8. Read a Christmas Book

Or better yet, read lots of Christmas books! We have links to the perfect Christmas books for families to read yearly, including ones that encourage a focus on Christ. 

9. Watch a Christian Christmas Movie

Many Christmas movies focus on the Christian aspect of Christmas, but one of our favorites is The Nativity Story! Better yet, make a list of movies and watch one each night leading up to Christmas. 

10. Make & Share Christmas Cookies

Christ is all about giving and sharing, so we would have to assume that if he were here with us baking some yummy Christmas treats, he would want us to share them. Offer some to friends, neighbors, or anyone who enjoys a treat. 

11. Invite a Friend to Build a Snowman

Spending time with others, supporting each other, and being together are all important Christian qualities. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend time with the people you care about, so invite them to do something fun, like build a snowman. 

12. Drive Around and Look At Christmas Light Displays

Driving around and looking at all of the extravagant Christmas lights is a great way to spend time with the people you care about. You can have fun with it and turn it into your own personal contest to see whose lights are the best, whose lights represent a Christ-centered Christmas, etc. 

13. Sing Christmas Hymns

Music is a great way to celebrate Christ and remember Him. Listen to, or sing Christmas hymns at home or church to help bring the Spirit of Christ alive this holiday season. You might also enjoy listening to Tabernacle Choir songs about Jesus and joy

14. Send a Christmas Card to a Friend or Family Member

Nothing is more Christ-like than caring for and ministering to others. And sending a Christmas card is a simple way to tell someone you were thinking about them during this special time of year. 

15. Christmas Advent Nativity Scene

Turn your nativity scene into a fun learning opportunity for the family! Each day, add a new character into the scene and talk about their importance in the birth of Christ. The kids will enjoy this, and it will help build up suspense for Christmas Day! 

16. Draw a Picture of Your Favorite Person Who Participated In the Birth of Jesus

Many people played significant roles in the birth of Christ, and this activity is a great way to learn more about them! This activity would pair well with the nativity scene setup mentioned previously. 

17. Buy, Print, or Create a Picture of Jesus

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful picture of Christ in their home to help them remember Him every day. Use the Christmas season as the time to get one for your home if you haven’t got one already. 

18. Say a Prayer of Gratitude for Jesus

Prayers can sometimes be full of wants, and we forget to share our gratitude. The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to remind us of all Christ has done for us, and we should pray in gratitude for His many sacrifices and hardships. 

19. Open Gifts as a Family on Christmas

Focusing on family and spending time together is one of the best ways to spend Christmas! And gift-giving is a wonderful way to celebrate Christ’s example to us. 

Final Thoughts On a Christian Christmas

We hope this list of activities helps your family have a Christ-centered Christmas full of gratitude, giving, and love! We would love to hear from you in the comments about any other ways your family celebrates Christmas for Christ! 

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