the ultimate christian planner the hope planner review

The Ultimate Christian Planner – A “Hope Planner” Review

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I am always looking for ways to include God in my daily life even more, and then the idea hit me – a Christian planner! So I started looking around and I found the Hope Planner by Hope Fuel, and I just had to get it. It turns out, it’s pretty great! But I thought I would write a review for anyone looking for an honest, detailed opinion about the planner. So here it is, my Hope Planner Review!

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Pros of the Hope Planner

1. Encourages Daily Scripture Study & Prayer

This planner really does help me to put the time in each day for some scripture study. Each day, it has a section designated for a scripture you read that day (or that you want to focus on, practice memorizing, or just a scripture you love – if you didn’t have time to read scriptures that day!) 

In that same section it has a place for a daily prayer. I love this because I’ve never actually written down my prayers before, I’ve always just said them either in my head or out loud. It’s actually felt really good to write a prayer for the day. 

2. Makes Scripture Study More Meaningful

I can be good at doing things just to check them off the to do list, this includes scripture reading. But with this planner, I pick one verse I read that day to write it down. This helps me to really think more in depth about what I’m reading, what it’s saying and what it means. It’s a lot more meaningful and beneficial for me than “checking off the box” scripture reading! 

3. It Has Tons of Scriptures and Quotes for Inspiration

I love that it is filled with bible verses in all different places. The beginning of the month, the bookmark, and on the monthly calendar page. This is so nice because it’s a really uplifting reminder that provides inspiration and encouragement. It can also help with memorization, if you want to use it that way. 

4. They Offer Two Options

One really cool feature this company offers that others typically don’t, is that they offer two different planner layout options

The two options are:

  • The 6 month daily planner
  • The 12 month weekly planner 

You can see the different formatting on their website. I have the 6 month daily planner, and it’s great! If you don’t have a lot on your daily schedule, and you want more of a weekly layout, the 12 month planner might be a better fit! 

5. The Company Offers Lots of Cool Printable Extras for Your Planner On Their Website

When I started looking around the Hope Fuel website, I saw that they offer a bunch of super cool helpful printable add-ons for the planner that you can get separately. 

Some of the printable add-ons they offer are:

  • Weekly meal planner & grocery list
  • Birthday list
  • Project manager
  • Quarterly goals
  • Lead tracking
  • Party planner
  • Lesson planner
  • Honey do list

They also have scripture stickers, a window sticker, and a hat! 

6. You Add the Months – So You Can Make Sure It’s In the Order You Need It to Be In

I’m a little OCD, so I HATE when I buy a planner in March, and then don’t even touch the January and February sections. Ugh. 

Something I love about this planner is that they just send you the month stickers and you put them on where you want in the order you want. FINALLY! 

7. It’s Not Specific to Any Particular Christian Denomination

While the Hope Planner has bible verses throughout it, it doesn’t have anything that would make it incompatible with most of the Christian religions. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and I love this planner! It’s perfect because it has tons of bible verses that I enjoy reading and studying, and it also has a section each day to write in my own scripture I’m focusing on for the day, so I can also include scriptures from my Book of Mormon. 

8. It Has Pages for Notes

There are NOT enough planners out there with enough sections for notes. Most of them have one or two pages at the end of the planner for notes.

This planner has room for notes for each month! This is a great feature for me personally, because if I don’t write things down I forget them. 

Cons of the Hope Planner


1. The Cover Is A Fabric Material

This is sort of a pro and a con, really! The planner is beautiful, I love how it looks with the fabric cover. However, I’m kind of a hot mess. And I just know I’m going to spill something on it and it will be harder to clean. Not impossible by any means, just not as easy as one swipe of a paper towel on a cheap laminated planner cover. Ha!

That’s it! I honestly didn’t have any other concerns with this planner. I think it’s wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get organized AND make time for God each day!

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Review of the Hope Planner!

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the ultimate christian planner the hope planner review

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