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How to Make Time for God When You Don’t Even Have Time For Yourself

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It can be challenging to figure out how to make time for God when you feel like you’re already stressed for time as it is. But if you’re willing to really do what it takes to have Heavenly Father in your life, you will make those small and simple sacrifices to feel His presence. 

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1. Get Creative with How You Spend Time with God

What this means is, spending time with God doesn’t have to just mean praying, reading scriptures, and going to church. While these are all definitely important and they are great ways to practice worshiping your higher power, there are SO many other ways to show your love for Him and feel that connection to God that you might not even realize. 

Here are some creative ways to spend time with God:

  • Listening to spiritual, or uplifting music (try Today’s Christian Hits!) 
  • Watch an inspiring movie – check out our 8 Favorite Faith-based Movies!
  • Listening to spiritual or uplifting podcasts
  • Get a Christian Planner! (You can read our review of the one I use here)!
  • Going for a walk and having a conversation with God
  • Posting verses or quotes from church leaders around your house, car or workplace
  • Get a bible verse adult coloring book, I love mine! 
  • Start a gratitude journal

2. Go to Bed and/or Get Up 15 Minutes Earlier and Spend That Time with God

Spending this time with God can look however you want it to look. Whether it’s prayer, meditation, reading your scriptures, listening to music, anything you feel brings you closer to God. 

Odds are, you’re watching tv, or scrolling through your phone for a decent amount of time before bed or in the morning. Consider giving that time to God, it can dramatically change your day. 

3. Get Involved In a Spiritual Conversation

If the chance comes along, get into a Godly conversation with someone. Take the chance to bear your testimony, or talk about what you’re reading, something you learned in church, something you’re confused about. 

Don’t EVER miss out on the opportunity to get involved in a spiritual conversation with someone. You never know if that’s going to be the conversation that gives you a revelation, changes your life, answers your questions, OR… maybe it will change THEIR life, answer THEIR questions, and be an inspiration to THEM. You never know how much one conversation can mean to someone. 

This could even mean bearing your testimony to someone. It doesn’t need to be some intense, miraculous experience you had. It can be as simple as the way you feel when you go to church, or read your scriptures, etc.

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4. Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is crazy these days! There’s so many apps out there that are just wonderful for reading scriptures, listening to podcasts and talks, listening to christian music, and so much more. 

Check out these articles on different helpful apps organized by denomination:

5. Get Your Family Involved

Sometimes you don’t have time for God because you’re so busy being a parent. But, if you get creative, you can get your children involved while you make time for God, and it will be a great lesson for them about the importance of making time for God as well!

Here’s a list of ways to get your family involved in making time for God:

  • Family games to help learn about the stories in the scriptures 
  • Reading kids scripture books
  • Watching family friendly Christian movies
  • Pray together as a family – in the morning, before bed, and/or before meals
  • Take the family to church

6. Take a Look at Your Day

Really take the time to look at your day. How much time are you spending on your phone, or watching tv, or driving in the car. Take the time to truly make an analysis of every part of your day, and be honest about it! 

One really cool thing I’ve added to my routine is using my Christian planner, it helps me really carve out a time for scripture study and prayer while also keeping the rest of my life organized!

7. Make One Small Sacrifice

Decide on one thing you are willing to sacrifice each day to make time for God. Whether it’s – you aren’t going to turn on the tv at night until you’ve read your scriptures, or said a prayer first. Or you are going to listen to a podcast or a talk on the way to work instead of music. Or you’re going to wake up 5 minutes earlier so you have time to say a prayer before getting up. 

Whatever it may be, take the time to make one small sacrifice. 

I hope this list has given you some creative and new ideas on how to make time for God in your busy life.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you are going to try any of these ideas, or if you have any more ideas on how to spend more time with God. 

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