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11 Christian Christmas Movies to Remember Jesus this Holiday Season

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One fun way to celebrate the holiday is by watching Christian Christmas movies. Basing your Christmas movies around Christ and His role in the holiday season is a great way to help you and your family remember Him.

These Christmas movies are all about Jesus, love, giving, and so much more. Get together with friends and family and enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas with these inspiring films. 

The Ultimate List of Christian Christmas Movies that are Perfect to Watch During the Holiday Season

The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story is a breathtaking interpretation of the birth of Jesus. It’s a great movie that closely follows the Bible, making it an excellent learning resource as well. 

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The Star

The Star is a super fun movie for all ages. It’s animated, making it fun for the kids. In short, it is another Nativity Story, but it’s from the perspective of the animals in the stable. 

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas

This movie is a fun, music filled movie. It’s about a man who envisions himself into the Nativity Story with some Christmas music mixed in. This is also a short film, coming in under thirty minutes.

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Chasing the Star

This movie is another unique take on the Nativity Story. It is told from the perspective of the three wise men, and it’s told with action and adventure from the point of view typically not seen during the Christmas season.

Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace is a wonderful, feel-good movie to watch during the holidays. It depicts sacrifice, courage, love, and, ultimately grace during the Christmas season.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

This one is one you have probably already heard of because everyone knows about A Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s a classic movie for kids and adults of all ages, and it quotes the Bible throughout the movie. 

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Christmas on Salvation Street

This movie might be the most relative to some families, as it features a modern-day story of a family during Christmas time and what it’s like for them. 

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It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is a bit old fashion, as it is a black and white film. But, it’s a Christmas movie with Jimmy Stewart that shows the realistic nature of life.

The Christmas Candle

Unlike the others on this list, The Christmas Candle is an uplifting British Christmas movie. The timeline centers around the holidays with a special emphasis on Christmas miracles.

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The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas is actually based on a true story. It’s a real tear-jerker, but it’s so touching about love during Christmas time. 

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is a great movie to watch when you need a reminder of the true meaning of the season. 

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Final Thoughts On These Christian Christmas Movies

We hope you can find time to watch these holiday movies and that they touch you like they touch so many others. Be sure to share this list with your family and friends. We would love to hear from you in the comments about any other Christmas movies you enjoy that bring about the Spirit of Christ! Let us know in the comments below. 

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