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13 Enjoyable LDS Books About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we know Christ will return to us. The scriptures give us information and revelation about the Second Coming of Christ, and the authors of the books in this article have devoted time to reading and understanding the scriptures. These LDS books about the Second Coming are great resources to further your study of the millennium. 

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In this article you will find books related to and understanding better the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. These books are separated into the following categories:

  • Best Overview Books
  • Understanding Prophecies
  • Building Zion
  • Other Inspirational Books

Best Overview Books About the Second Coming

Living in the Eleventh Hour by Robert L. Millet

This books is an excellent reminder to us about what we should personally be doing to prepare for the coming of Christ. It combines scripture with prophecy from church leaders to educate and motivate us. 

Living in the Eleventh Hour clearly teaches us what the scriptures, as well as Latter-day prophets tell us about the future. It will not only help Latter-day Saints read the signs of the times concerning the last days but also remind us of our personal responsibilities as we prepare ourselves and the world for the much-anticipated return of Christ.” 

Living in the Millenium by Robert L. Millet

This book is a sequel to Living in the Eleventh Hour. The first books focuses on preparing for the Second Coming, and this book focuses on what life will be like for us during the Millenium. 

“Relying on the words of ancient and latter-day prophets, Robert L. Millet shares what has been revealed about Christ’s preliminary appearances, His return in majesty and power, and His millennial reign—a time of goodness and peace.”

The Second Coming of The Lord by Gerald N. Lund

This is the new edition of the original book written in 1971. It has been a bestseller ever since! It’s been updated to include recent prophecy from church leaders. 

This book includes prophetic teachings, revelations, prophecies that have already been fulfilled, and information on how to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

Books About Understanding Prophecies About the Second Coming

The Savior’s Prophecies by Richard D. Draper

This book is highly rated on Amazon. It is described as being very informative and educational. One review of the books said that it “helps you really ‘get it’ as to what’s coming.” This book includes prophecies from ancient prophets, as well as modern-day, LDS prophets. 

Signs of the Last Days by Randall C. Bird, Matthew B. Brown, Richard D. Draper, Curtis Jacobs

This audio book is information-packed, and designed to help us gain a greater understanding of the signs of the Second Coming. There are six sections by four different authors covering topics about preparing for Christ’s return, the Second Coming, and the Millenium. 

Books About Building Zion 

Approaching Zion by Hugh Nibley

The author, Hugh Nibley, gives an honest and blunt perspective on Christianity, and living according to the gospel. This is a collection of multiple books of his. Everyone describes him as an amazing scholar. One of his focuses in this book is the grip that money has on the human race, and how that will affect us poorly. 

Let’s Talk About the Law of Consecration by Steven C. Harper

This book is part of a larger “Let’s Talk About” series. There are not many books that focus on consecration, but this one is talked very highly of. It focuses on following the law of consecration in ancient times, as well as what it means today, in an easy to understand, approachable way. 

The Pillars of Zion series by Larry Barkdull

Before Jesus comes again, the peaceful, joyful, and living Christ-centered community of Zion will be established as a place to welcome Him. Understanding Zion and practicing its principles is extremely important for those looking with anticipation for the wonderful Millennium with Jesus. These 7 books do a fantastic job at explaining how to do this.

The Enoch Letters by Neal A Maxwell

This book is a historical fiction about the city of Enoch. It’s an entertaining read while still focusing on facts from the Bible. This book is written in a similar style as The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, which is also a great read! 

Other Inspirational Books About the Second Coming

The Pilgrim Hypothesis, The Washington Hypothesis, The Lincoln Hypothesis, by Timothy Ballard

These books might be a surprising addition to this list, but they do a really good job of helping the reader to understand how the founding and growth of the United States of America have been guided by and established by God in order to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Proclaim Peace by Patrick Q. Mason and J. David Pulsipher

In order to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we create personal, community, and world peace. Proclaim Peace is a wonderful book for helping to understand both the theology and practical application of peace.

Other LDS Artilce You Might Enjoy

Final Thoughts On These LDS Books About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

We hope you get to read some or all of the books about the Second Coming and the Millenium from this list. They are all wonderful resources for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jesus’ return will be something incredible! Celebrating it, studying it, and preparing or it will bring excitement and comfort. 

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