lds food storage

The Ultimate Guide to LDS Food Storage & Emergency Preparedness

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As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we know how important emergency preparedness is! Our prophets and church leaders have told us since the beginning of the restoration, how important it is to be prepared, both physically and spiritually! We’ve created the ultimate guide to LDS food storage and preparedness. 

lds food storage

This eBook is the perfect combination of information on storing essentials for being prepared physically, and scripture that will help you to be prepared spiritually. Find product guides and information about:

  • Storing wet & dry foods
  • Storing water
  • Sanitizing water
  • Storing heat and power 
  • Storing light sources
  • Creating and storing first aid kits

What Makes This Food Storage Guide Different?

1. It Educates You On Emergency Preparedness While Focusing On the Gospel

This food storage guide is unique because it isn’t just food storage! It combines education for being prepared with scripture, and quotes from church leaders. 

Each chapter includes LDS quotes and scripture that relate to the chapter focus, whether that be food, water, light, power, heat, or first aid. 

The guide will help you not only be physically prepared in case of an emergency, but spiritually prepared as well. 

2. It Doubles As A Workbook

Each section; food, water, heat and power, light, and first aid, has a table that can help you calculate how much it will cost you to build a year’s worth of storage over a 12-month period. 

This is great for budgeting and preparing without overspending. The book also includes a printable inventory list to use to stay organized and monitor your storage. 

3. It’s the Only Guide You’ll Need

The eBook is only 56 pages, but it has so much information! From scripture, to charts, to photos and examples of products, to tables and printable food and inventory lists, the book has it all! You can make lists of what you need and want, calculate the cost, and start building up your storage right away without breaking the bank. 

Check out the LDS Food Storage Guide eBook now!

lds food storage

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