General Conference quotes from April 2023

Top General Conference Quotes from April 2023

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Another great semi-annual General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Each and every conference session is just so perfectly orchestrated. We can be sure that all of the many words of wisdom that the church leaders share with us are revelations from God, and that we can benefit greatly from hearing them. This list has lots of amazing General Conference quotes from April 2023 sessions!

“The Book of Mormon has the greatest Easter story ever told. Make sure it isn’t the greatest story never told.” -Gary E. Stevenson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

What a powerful quote! This is a great reminder that we should never hesitate to bear our testimonies of Jesus Christ and all of the wonderful things He has done for us. 

“We can not stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ until we can bear witness of Him.” – Gary E. Stevenson

It can sometimes be challenging to go against the crowds and testify of Christ. At times, we may feel uncomfortable, but it’s so important that we do. Our testimony of Him means everything. 

“Never give up an opportunity to testify of Christ.” -Bonnie H. Cordon

We must never lose an opportunity to share with others our testimony of Christ. This includes Heavenly Father’s plan for us, the atonement, the power of the temple, and so much more! 

“Through The Holy Ghost we can feel His power every single day, every time we need it.” – Bonnie H. Cordon

The Holy Ghost is a gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We can feel the spirit anytime we want or need to if we are living our life according to the gospel. 

“The key is to follow the living prophet.” -Allen D. Haynie

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Our prophet is full of wisdom and revelation. He is someone we should all listen to and follow his guidance. God communicates with us through him, and we can all benefit from his wise words. 

“We should not use the teaching of past prophets to contradict the teachings of current prophets.” -Allen D. Haynie

While prophets are ordained and chosen by God, it doesn’t mean they aren’t human. And humans are incapable of being perfect. We must understand that our prophets do the absolute best that they can as imperfect human beings trying to teach a perfect gospel. 

“Look to Him, follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and just keep going — with faith.” – Carl B. Cook

This is the best piece of advice we can be given. All we can do in this life is do our best to follow Christ’s teachings and have faith. That should be our ultimate goal! 

“The gift of peace is given after we have the faith to keep His commandments.” – Henry B. Eyring

General Conference quotes from April 2023

The key to peace isn’t a lack of trouble, stress, etc. It’s the presence of faith. Faith is the key to a life of peace and joy because if we live in faith that God has a plan, we can get through the toughest of times. 

“There is an inborn sense of justice in every child of God as he or she comes into mortality.” – Henry B. Erying

Henry B. Eyring points out that we are born with a sense of justice. Every person comes into this world as a perfect, just, amazing human being. 

“Inspired ministering strengthens homes and families. It also strengthens wards and branches.” -Gerrit W. Gong

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Ministering is one of the best ways for us to be Christ-like. Christ is the ultimate example of service and love, and that is what ministering is all about! 

“Higher and holier ministering comes when we pray for the pure love of Christ and follow the spirit.” – Gerrit W. Gong

We will be better family members, friends, and neighbors if we pray for the love of Christ, and allow the spirit to guide us in our ministering. 

“The Lord expects those who have received His gospel to urgently strive to be a beacon light example that will help others come to God.” – Quentin L. Cook

General Conference quotes from April 2023

How lucky are we to be in the small number of people on earth to have received the gospel? It is our responsibility and our honor to be an example for others of how wonderful and true the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is. 

“Members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have the great privilege of loving, sharing, inviting, and helping gather Israel.” – Quentin L. Cook

Sharing the gospels with others isn’t just a duty; it’s a privilege! We are incredibly lucky to have received the gospel, as there are so many who will never get that opportunity. 

“You have access to the healing, redeeming power of the Savior Jesus Christ.” – Peter F. Meurs

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Sometimes we forget that the worldly things we have access to are nothing compared to the spiritual things that the Savior has given us. The power of Christ is immeasurable. 

“He is filled with mercy, and He can heal you.” – Peter F. Meurs

God is all-powerful. He is our Father, and he allows us to have grace and forgiveness. He has the power to heal even the most painful inner wounds if we allow Him to. 

“My patriarchal blessing helped me and continues to help me do better and be better.” – Randall K. Bennett

Until you receive your patriarchal blessing, you can only try to imagine how wonderful it is. It will offer you a testimony unlike any other, and it is truly an amazing tool you will have to refer to for your entire life. 

“It’s not natural for us to be humble, meek, or willing to submit our wills to God. Yet only by doing so can we be transformed, return to the presence of God, and achieve our eternal destiny.” – Dale G. Renlund 

We must overcome the natural man to enter the kingdom of God. The best things in this life and after don’t come from doing what’s easy. They come from doing what’s right.  

“We were created to have joy.” – Craig C. Christensen

General Conference quotes from April 2023

It’s our natural instinct to want to experience joy. However, we must remember that joy is different from happiness. Happiness is temporary, situational, and worldly. Joy is an underlying feeling of peace and contentment that you can receive simply by having faith in Heavenly Father’s plan for us. 

“Repentance is the pathway to joy.” – Craig C. Christensen

Without repentance, we are not able to enter into God’s kingdom and experience true, neverending joy. Repenting allows us to feel clean and at peace with ourselves, and eliminates feelings of guilt and shame. 

“As we study, we will be filled with greater love for the Lord.” -Evan A. Schmutz

The more scriptures we read, prayers we pray, and testimonies we share, the more of God’s love we will come to feel. 

“People who trust the doctrine of Christ endure to the end.” -Evan A. Schmutz

General Conference quotes from April 2023

The key to living an enjoyable life, despite our circumstances, is to keep our faith. If we simply trust in Heavenly Father, we can endure through anything. 

“Temple and family history are one and the same work in this church.” -Benjamin De Hoyos

Because not everyone is given a chance to know the gospel during their lifetime, it’s our duties as members of the church to make sure that every person who didn’t get a chance, will get one even if their life is over. 

“The center focus of our Heavenly Father is in uniting families in this life and eternity.” -Benjamin De Hoyos

Heavenly Father wants nothing more for us than to live in immense joy with the people we love for all of eternity. What a kind and loving Father we have! 

“We often learn as much from our children about faith, hope, and charity as they learn from us.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We think that we are the ones who teach our children, and while that is true, they end up teaching us so much in our lifetime; maybe even more than we teach them! 

“The Lord loves you. He is with you. He stands beside you. He is your strength in guiding your children to make good choices.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

General Conference quotes from April 2023

While we see Heavenly Father as an all-powerful creator, it’s important that we remember that he truly is our father. He loves us like a father, and is an amazing support for us if we allow Him to be. 

“Poise comes when we see things from an eternal perspective.” – Mark A. Bragg

It can be challenging to view our lives from an eternal perspective because it seems so foreign, but if we can shift our perspective, we can develop a sense of peace and joy, unlike something we’ve ever experienced. 

“It’s not possible to have divine poise without knowing we are children of God.” – Mark A. Bragg

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Understanding that we are truly God’s children, and that He cares for us in a way that we can only imagine, will bring us real peace. 

“Covenant keeping leads us to seek after whatever invites the influence of the Spirit and reject whatever drives it away.” – Milton Camargo

If we keep our covenants and follow the commandments, we will have the Spirit to be with us. What a powerful gift we have been given.

“By partaking of the sacrament, we declare that we always remember him.”- Milton Camargo

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Taking the sacrament becomes such a routine for us that we forget how much meaning and symbolism there is behind it. Every time we take it, it’s a reminder that we will always remember Christ’s sacrifice. 

“His promise is eternal: He will heal us.” – K. Brett Nattress

Heavenly Father does not break his promises. He might not answer it in the way we hope or expect, but He will answer it in the way that is best for us. 

“You always, always minister to them, care for them and love them one by one, individually.” – Juan A. Uceda

General Conference quotes from April 2023

It’s important that we do our best to minister and care for everyone that we can. God uses us to take care of each other, we are all His children. 

“We are all one in Christ.” -D. Todd Christofferson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

A short but powerful quote! We are one in purpose when we all live our lives according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

“Becoming one in Christ begins one by one. We each begin with ourselves.” -D. Todd Christofferson

Sadly, the world is full of people not acting as Christ-like as they could be, but we have no control over others. The only thing we can do is to be the best person we can be and set an example for others. 

“Jesus Christ is our relief.” – Camille N. Johnson

Jesus Christ is the key to our relief from sorrow, pain, and negativity. He is the key to our salvation and our eternal happiness.

“Why do we intend on carrying our rocks alone?” – Camille N. Johnson

Sometimes we forget that we can always rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in all that we do. We can pray for their support and their love. 

“Our covenantal blessing is partnering with Jesus Christ to offer others relief.” – Camille N. Johnson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Covenants are much more than just a commitment. They are a promise to God. And when we make a promise to God and we stay true to that promise, He rewards us greatly. 

“As we strive to develop attributes like the Saviors, we can be instruments of His peace in the world.” – Ulisses Soares

Doing our best to be like Christ doesn’t just better us as individuals, it betters the entire world around us. Every good thing we do, every good example we set, betters the world. 

“This peace is a gift promised to all who turn their hearts to the Savior and live righteously; such peace gives us the strength to enjoy mortal life and enables us to endure the painful trials of our journey.” – Ulisses Soares

Life on earth will include suffering, sadness, and turmoil. That’s just part of mortal life. But if we decide to live our life reighteously and have faith in Heavenly Father’s plan for us, we can still have peace despite life’s trials. 

“Everyone’s spiritual timeline is different.” – Kazuhiko Yamashita

General Conference quotes from April 2023

It can be easy to constantly compare ourselves to others, but everyone has different trials, challenges, and successes. We have to remember that no matter what happens, it’s all a part of God’s plan. 

“First, a Patriarchal Blessing contains personal counsel from the Lord to you. Second, a Patriarchal Blessing declares your lineage in the house of Israel.” – Kazuhiko Yamashita

A patriarchal blessing is a true gift from God. It is personal, devine revelation for God that we can use as guidance in our life. 

“Our love for Him does not shield us from the sadness and sorrow in this mortal life, but it allows us to walk through the challenges with a strength far beyond our own.” – Neil L. Andersen

Having faith in Christ doesn’t take away our challenges or our trials, it just gives us someone to lean on while we endure them. 

“Remember you are a spirit child of Heavenly Father.” – Neil L. Andersen

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Because we have never seen or met Heavenly Father, it’s hard for us to grasp the concept of him being our actual father, but he is. He cares for us and wants the absolute best for us, just as a father does. 

“Our safest assurance is to be worthy to enter His Holy House.” – Kevin R. Duncan

All we can do during this lifetime on earth is to do our best to be worthy of returning to God in His heavenly kingdom one day. 

“As each temple is dedicated, the saving power of Jesus Christ expands throughout the world to counteract the efforts of the adversary and to redeem us as we come unto Him. As temples and covenant keepers grow in number, the adversary grows weaker.” – Kevin R. Duncan

The adversary is really working hard right now to turn the world against God, but temples are a great way to bring more light, love, and holiness into the world. 

“We are given the scriptures to direct our lives.” – Dallin H. Oaks

We might think that the scriptures are just history books, but they are so much more than that! We have to use them as guidance and revelation. 

“What matters most is what lasts longest.” – M. Russell Ballard 

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Things that don’t last, don’t matter as much. For example, our eternal lives are going to last forever, therefore they are the most important thing that we should be focusing on. 

“A relationship with our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ is most important.” – M. Russell Ballard 

There is nothing we should care about or work for more than a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

“Following the promptings of the spirit is one of the things that matters most.” – M. Russell Ballard 

Having the spirit to be with us is a gift given to us by God that we receive in response to taking Christ’s name upon us. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can be given in this lifetime. 

“Embrace prophecy and prophetic teachings, act on promptings of the Holy Ghost, become a true disciple, and seek the healing power of our Lord’s Atonement.” – Ronald A. Rasband

We as humans are not perfect, but God gives us everything He can to make the most out of our lives. Prophecy, promptings and the atonement are all amazing gifts. 

“Our clumsy efforts can lead to miracles, and in the process, we can participate in a perfect harvest.” – Vern P. Stanfill

General Conference quotes from April 2023

We are instruments in God’s miracles, both for ourselves and others. It can be hard to grasp the concept that we are all part of a much larger plan. But once we can, it makes this earthly life so much more meaningful. 

“Emulating those we respect who demonstrate Christlike attributes can be instructive, uplifting and can help us become better disciples of Jesus Christ.” – Vern P. Stanfill

We should all strive to be like Christ in all that we do, and we should surround ourselves with others that have similar values and morals, and shower them with praise and appreciation. 

“The Savior expects us to do all we can do and He will do what only He can do.” – W. Mark Bassett 

General Conference quotes from April 2023

If we do our best to be like Christ, and live our life according to the gospel, that is all we can do. The rest of our fate is up to God and Jesus Christ. 

“He will provide help in all things as we trust in Him.” – W. Mark Bassett 

If we choose to have faith in Heavenly Father and His plans for us, we can life a life full of peace and joy! He will support us in all that we do. 

“Teaching your beloved child why we all desperately need Jesus Christ and how to apply His joyful doctrine is what will strengthen and heal him or her.” – Ahmad S. Corbitt

The greatest thing we can teach our children is the gospel. If our children understand the importance of becoming like Christ, and choose to live righteously, they will live a joyful life. 

“Make Christ the center of your lives in all that you do.” – David A. Bednar

General Conference quotes from April 2023

In all things, including work, recreation, family, friendships, etc., we must put Christ at the center of it. This will bring us more joy than if we place worldly things at the center of our lives. 

“If we abide Him, He will abide in us.” – David A. Bednar

Our relationship with God and Jesus Christ are a two-way relationship. They can only provide us with peace and support if we choose to let them in, follow their ways, and trust in them. 

Top 17 Russell M. Nelson Quotes from April 2023 General Confence

“Anger never persuades. Hostility builds no one. Contention never leads to inspired solutions.” – Russell M. Nelson

While our emotions are high, we often act in anger or frustration, but this will never get us the best outcome. Controlling our emotions will get us much further. 

“As disciples of Jesus Christ we are to be examples of how to interact with others especially when we have differences of opinion.” – Russell M. Nelson

To follow Christ means to be like Him, and Christ is loving, forgiving, and compassionate. Even to the people who treated Him terribly. So we should aim to do the same in our daily lives. 

“True disciples of Jesus Christ are peacemakers.” – Russell M. Nelson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

If we want to be like Jesus, that means we should be creating peace, love, and understanding in all of our relationships. 

“One of the best ways you can honor the Savior is to become a peacemaker.” – Russell M. Nelson

Heavenly Father and Christ want nothing more for us than to be forgiving of others, and love all of His children like we love our own. 

“How we treat each other really matters.” – Russell M. Nelson

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we treat others affects them. That’s why it’s so important that we always try to treat others with love and respect. 

“You have your agency to choose contention or reconciliation.” – Russell M. Nelson

God gives us agency, we always have a choice in all that we do. But, this means we are responsible for our decisions. 

“Charity is the antidote of contention.” – Russell M. Nelson

With all of the hatred and negativity in the world, the only thing we can do is to be as charitable and kind as we can to set an example for others. 

“In situations that are highly charged and filled with contention, I invite you to remember Jesus Christ.” – Russell M. Nelson

Christ is the perfect example of compassion and forgiveness. He suffered and died for everyone, so that they may live again with our Father in Heaven. If He can die for people who treated Him terribly, we can forgive others for their mistakes as well. 

“Now is the time to lay aside bitterness.” – Russell M. Nelson

Bitterness is toxic, and spreads and multiplies. If we want a world of peace and joy, we must all lay aside any bitterness and focus on the good. 

“Peacemakers thwart the adversary.” – Russell M. Nelson

The adversary wants contention, hatred, and negativity. We must fight against those feelings of the natural man and do our best to not stay in that negativity. 

“The Gospel net is the largest net in the world. There is room for everyone!’’ – Russell M. Nelson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

There will never come a time when their are too many followers of Christ. Ideally, every person to have ever existed will find Christ and make their way back to Heavenly Father. 

“The best is yet to come for those who spend their lives building up others.” – Russell M. Nelson

Heavenly Father is fair and loving, He rewards us for our good doings. This may not be in the way we are expecting it, but it happens in the way that it’s supposed to. 

“Seek the Holy Ghost to guide you in your study.” – Russell M. Nelson

The Holy Ghost is a powerful gift if we only choose to have it. Living righteously is the best way to welcome the Spirit and feel His presence. 

“Easter Sunday is the most important religious observance for followers of Christ.” – Russell M. Nelson

It’s important we remember the true meaning of Easter, and how essential the resurrection was to our eternal salvation! Without Easter, our lives would be meaningless. 

“Find every way you can to thank our Heavenly Father for sending us His Only Begotten Son.” – Russell M. Nelson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

The greatest gift we’ve ever been given is Christ’s sacrifice. His actions will allow us to have the opportunity to live in eternal joy with our families. 

“Because of Jesus Christ, we can repent and be forgiven of our sins. Because of Him, each of us will be resurrected.” – Russell M. Nelson

As humans, we are imperfect. That’s why we must be grateful for Christ, because He has made it so that we can be forgiven of our mistakes and live a life of joy. 

“Come unto Him so that He can heal you. He will heal you from sin as you repent. He will heal you from sadness and fear. He will heal you from the wounds of this world.” – Russell M. Nelson

General Conference quotes from April 2023

Sometimes, healing feels impossible. But with the help of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, all things are possible!

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