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16 All-Time Best President Nelson Talks & Messages

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President Russell M. Nelson is a wonderful prophet! His words of wisdom are so inspirational, and listening to even one of His talks is enough to get you thinking differently. He has so many amazing quotes, messages, and talks – it was difficult to narrow it down. But these President Nelson talks are the best of the best. 

In this article, you will find:

  • 9 LDS General Conference Talks By Russell M. Nelson
  • 7 Powerful Messages from President Nelson Outside of General Conference

Top 9 Russell M. Nelson Talks

“The Power of Spiritual Momentum” by Russell M. Nelson

This talk is an excellent reminder of why conflict, such as war, happens. It all starts with a small amount of anger or resentment and grows into a devastating catastrophe. President Nelson advises us to work on ourselves now and let go of any anger or hatred we have to prevent it from growing into something unmanageable. 

“Overcome the World and Find Rest” by Russel M. Nelson

This talk shows just how well our prophet understands us and our struggles. He shares a wonderful story of a little boy that is quite moving and gives a great viewpoint to consider on the days we find ourselves struggling. 

“Hear Him” by Russel M. Nelson

President Nelson says something in this talk that is quite interesting. We are living present day, with a front-row seat to what Nephi only saw in a vision. We are living in the last days. It’s more important now than ever that we listen to the teachings of Christ as we navigate the world and its many challenges. 

“Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives” by Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson points out a very important principle – “It is impossible for us to be saved in ignorance.” We can’t possibly connect with Christ, or follow His teachings if we don’t take the time to read and study everything He has given us. 

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“Let God Prevail” by Russell M. Nelson

A very important part of allowing God in our lives and letting God prevail is willingness. God will not force himself upon us. He will never do anything that takes away our agency. That’s why we came to this earth, to choose Him of our own free will. We must be willing to let God prevail. 

“Now is the Time to Prepare” by Russell M. Nelson

It can be easy to put things off. Exercising, quitting a bad habit, and even repenting. Today is the day to prepare to meet God, because you have no idea what day will be your last. So we must live every day like it’s our last day on earth. 

“Christ is Risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains” by Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson reminds us that faith is the start of all good things. Every blessing, every revelation, and everything good that happens to us, all begins with having faith. Have faith in God and Jesus Christ and watch the blessings roll in. 

“The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation” by Russell M. Nelson

Just as we strengthen the physical foundations around us when they start to wear, we must strengthen our emotional and spiritual foundations as well. The temple is a wonderful place to feel the spirit and feel spiritually rejuvenated. 

“Embrace the Future with Faith” by Russell M. Nelson

The Lord put it simply, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” Being prepared is an excellent way to manage worry and stress, especially in these uncertain times. And after we have prepared to the best of our abilities in physical matters, the only other thing we can do is to prepare spiritually and emotionally by having faith in God and His plan for us. 

7 Wonderful Messages from President Nelson

“The Peace and Hope of Easter” by Russell M. Nelson, March 2021

Even during a scary, unexpected experience, President Nelson was able to feel at peace during a time he thought he was going to die. How does he do that? Through the power of faith in Jesus Christ. 

“The Light of Jesus Christ: A Christmas Message” by Russell M. Nelson, Dec 2022

The Christmas season is busy, and it can be easy to get caught up in all of the parties, gifts, and family activities. But it’s important to remember that Christmas is about so much more. It is a celebration of Christ, and the amazing sacrifice He made for us all. He is the greatest gift of all. 

“The Light of Christmas” by Russell M. Nelson, Dec 2021

Christmas is an excellent time of year to share the light of Christ with others. Not only by reminding others of Christ but also by treating others as Christ would have. Sometimes the best way to share the gospel is by simply living it and letting others watch you. 

“Healing Power of Gratitude” by Russell M. Nelson, November 2020

There’s nothing more powerful than gratitude. Practicing gratitude is the best way to experience joy, even during the most difficult times in our lives. You can always find something to be grateful for, even if it’s as simple as waking up this morning. 

COVID-19 Encouragement by Russell M. Nelson, May 2020

President Nelson offers reassurance and a reminder for us during the pandemic the world is facing. However, it is quite fitting for everyday struggles and other worldly issues. 

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“Fast for Relief from COVID-19” by Russell M. Nelson, Mar 2020

There’s no doubt that fasting and prayer are powerful means of communicating with God, and what better a time to feel connected to God than during a global pandemic? 

“#HearHim” by Russell M. Nelson, Feb 2020

President Nelson points out that there are very few instances in the scriptures that people heard the voice of God, so when He speaks, it’s important we listen. And one thing He says is to hear Jesus Christ, His only begotten son. 

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Final Thoughts On These President Nelson Talks

We hope you enjoyed these talks from President Nelson as much as we did. He is a wise and wonderful man, and we are blessed to have him as our prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We would love it if you commented below with your favorite quotes or talks from General Conference so we can share them with all of our readers. 

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