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11 Thoughtful LDS Baptism Gifts for All Ages – Boys & Girls!

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It’s an exciting day for anyone getting baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! And it’s also exciting for the people who love and care for them. It’s traditional that gifts are sometimes given to the person being baptized, and there are endless options! But we’ve made a list of our favorite LDS Baptism Gifts to give someone on their big day! 

We know the common age for baptism is 8 years old, but there are also a lot of people who get baptized later in life! I didn’t get baptized until I was 18 years old. So there will be plenty of options on this list that will be great for all ages! 


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The Perfect LDS Baptism Gifts for All Ages

1. Journal

A journal is a great gift for a newly baptized member of any age! This can be just a normal journal, or one that’s specifically designed for lessons and talks in church, or spiritual thoughts and ideas, or anything else that can be good to write down!

Similar to a journal, you can also get a faith-centered planner! They are seriously awesome. They encourage scripture studying, prayer, repentance, and so much more! It’s a planner and a study tool all in one! Check out our review of the Hope Planner.

2. Art

The options for LDS art are endless! There are so many great pieces out there, and a lot you can find for really cheap. You don’t have to buy an expensive painting to find some beautiful artwork. 

  • Personalized name art
  • Child of God art
  • Watercolor

3. Sunday Clothes

You can never have enough Sunday clothes. No matter what gender or age you are! 

For girls, you could get them a dress, or a skirt, or a scarf, anything really! For boys you can get them a tie, dress shoes, or even a full suit!

4. CTR or Other LDS Jewelry & Accessories

There are so many different options for CTR and LDS jewelry out there! Along with options for every age group. There are definitely more options for girls, but there are a few options for boys as well! 

Jewelry & Accessories for Girls

  • Bracelet
  • Ring
  • Necklace

Accessories for Boys

  • Tie clip
  • Cufflinks

5. Scriptures

There are a ton of different scripture related gifts to be given for all different ages. Here are a few ideas:

  • Journal Edition (they make these for all scriptures, Book of Mormon, Old & New Testaments & D&C)
  • Personalized set of scriptures with their name on the front
  • Book of Mormon Made Easier (great for new adult members! You can also get this for all the other scripture options) 
  • Kids edition/Family edition scriptures
  • Scripture highlighters or crayons, sticky tabs

6. Bookmark

You can never have enough bookmarks! Whether it’s for scriptures or other books. You can either buy the bookmark, or there are printable options that you can print and laminate. (The printable ones are awesome because you can print and use them for yourself too! This baptism bookmark is awesome!

book of mormon reading chart bookmark

Our printable bookmark doubles as a Book of Mormon reading chart & bookmark in one!

You can find some with pictures of Christ, temples, or even some with inspirational LDS quotes or scripture verses. 

7. Scripture Cards

Scripture cards are just small little note cards with different scriptures or quotes. You can also get these on a calendar rolodex. They also have some that are just inspirational sayings that aren’t gospel-related. Here are some Biblical Scripture Stickers that are so cute!!

8. Graphic Tees 

Graphic tees are the best thing ever. They are simply just t-shirts that have inspirational and/or Christian sayings, words, or other graphics. Everyone deserves a minimum of 3 graphic tees! Here are some super cute ones:

9. Savings Bank

This gift is definitely geared towards children. It’s a really cool way for them to practice and grow an understanding of paying tithing, as well as saving money in general! This is great if your children earn an allowance, as they can practice saving up money

10. Blanket

There is an LDS children’s book that says “The Holy Ghost is like a blanket. He is a special gift …to wrap you in a warm and comforting feeling when you are sad or need a friend.” 

A popular baptism gift to give is a throw blanket with this quote on it. This is perfect for adults, too. 

If you give it to a child, you can also give them the book with it as well! 

11. Books

There are a ton of LDS books that aren’t scriptures. No matter the age, there are plenty of books to choose from. Here are a few ideas

  • Audiobooks/Books on tape
  • General conference talks from different church leaders/autobiographies
  • Children’s books (my first… , coloring, busy books, baptism books, etc.)
  • Books geared towards men/women
  • So. So. Much more. 

Bonus Gift Idea for Adults: Faithbox!

Faithbox is a company that sends all kinds of different Christian gift boxes designed to help you grow your faith! Here are a few examples of gift boxes they offer:

  • Redemption box
  • Transformation box
  • Hope box
  • Adventure box
  • Wisdom box

Faithbox has something for everyone!

*Check out our Book of Mormon Bookmark Reading Charts!

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What did you think of these LDS baptism gifts? 

Are there any you might not have thought of? Or anything you would add to this list? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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