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9 Best Children’s Bibles for Kids to Learn About the Bible

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Every Christian household knows the importance of reading the Bible, but the Bible is a challenging read, especially for kids. This list has nine different bibles for kids that are perfect for teaching the stories in the Old and New Testament to kids. These are the best children’s Bibles for kids of all ages! 

This article has nine awesome kids’ Bibles and key points about the best parts of each book. You can find all of these books on Amazon through the links below! 

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1. I Can Read My Illustrated Bible: for Beginning Readers by Zondervan and Illustrated by Peter Francis

This children’s Bible is perfect for kids of any age, but especially for those kids working on growing their reading skills and expanding their vocabulary. It has all of the popular Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, like Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, Miriam and baby Moses, Queen Ester, the Birth of Jesus, Jesus Walking on the Water, and so many more!

What I love most about this children’s Bible is:

  • Each chapter notes which chapter in the New International Reader’s Version Bible it corresponds with.  
  • It tells the readers what the upcoming scripture story will be about, which is helpful for comprehension.  
  • There are only a few sentences on each page, and each sentence has an easy-to-understand vocabulary. I like this because your child can learn more about each Bible character in their story as they read.  
  • The vivid artwork on each page. Because of that, kids of any age will be engaged with this Bible!

What could be better than practicing reading the Bible stories in this book so your child can grow closer to God? With over 30 classic Bible stories and beautiful illustrations on each page, your child and family will enjoy sitting down and reading the word of God together. I highly recommend you check out the easy-to-read kid’s Bible!   

2. My Favorite Bible by Rondi DeBoer and Christine Tangvald Illustrated by Ariel Pang 

This Bible is perfect for children ages 4-8 who love to look at colorful illustrations of the best-loved stories of the Holy Bible. Some chapters in the Old-Testament section are Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, and even Psalms and Proverbs. The New-Testament contains chapters about John the Baptist, Jesus blessing the children, and Easter. These chapters will help encourage a life-long love for the Word of God. They will be instrumental in guiding children through the foundational truths of the scriptures.

What I like about this children’s Bible is:

  • At the end of each chapter, there are two different sections called “Family Talk” and “Family Fun.” These sections outline additional family discussion questions and family activities to do that correlate with each lesson read.  
  • It encourages your child to keep a ‘Bible Story Binder’ that they can continue to add their activities and notes to throughout their study of this children’s Bible.
  • Each chapter notes what chapter and verses of God’s Word Bible it corresponds to, and much of the writing is directly from the Bible.
  • Within this Bible, there are 77 butterflies to look for in the illustrations. Yet another way to engage young readers in this Bible!
  • The text is all sizes and shades depending on what is happening in the story. This is super helpful to get your child to work on their expression while reading!

As noted on their Amazon website, each story is fully illustrated and includes a straightforward narrative full of things kids love: repetition, rhythm, energy, a key biblical theme, a key Bible verse, and discussion questions to help adults introduce children to the Bible. Families will cherish this time as they read, listen, learn, and love, growing closer to one another even as they grow closer to God.

3. The Beginners Bible: Timeless Christian Stories by Zondervan

This classic Bible is perfect for pastors, teachers, parents, and children! With over 90 stories, like Noah’s Ark, Jonah, and the whale, and Jesus’ ministry, specifically to the man lowered through the roof, your family will immediately become immersed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What I love most about this kids Bible is:

  • The number of stories contained within it. There are over 90 Bible stories in it! It doesn’t just talk about the popular stories but instead goes into detail about the less well-known stories of the Bible.
  • Each page has bright and vibrant illustrations that show what is happening in the story so even young children can follow along with the story.
  • It has easy-to-read sentences that enable kids to read and understand independently. Or even young toddlers can comprehend it as their parents read to them during daily devotionals or sermons.
  • Each chapter in the book states which chapter and specific verses it correlates to in the Holy Bible, so you use it as a study bible.

This Beginners Bible is truly a timeless Christian’s best Bible because of its impact on families worldwide for 30 years. With this book in your home, you are sure to gain an understanding of the gospel through studying the Bible and a life-long love for the scripture stories contained within. We read this weekly in my home, so I definitely recommend it!

4. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Illustrated by Jago

This children’s Bible is unlike any other children’s Bible out there! It makes Jesus, our Savior, the center of God’s remarkable story in this book. It is perfect for children who want to learn more about God’s excellent, never-ending, unbreakable, always and forever love for His children. Whether you need a gift for baptism, Christmas, or Easter, this book would be perfect!

What I love most about this children’s Bible is:

  • The illustrations are so unique. Illustrated by Jago, each image truly embodies the stories but with a unique twist on the character’s appearance.
  • It doesn’t start like each typical Bible, beginning with Genesis and Adam and Eve. Instead, it starts with a chapter explaining what you will be reading about in the book. It’s an introduction to the main star of the book, God and Jesus, and it clarifies why we need to read the Bible. It’s so cool!
  • Every single story points to Jesus!
  • It has 21 stories from the Old Testament and 23 from the New Testament.

If you are looking for a children’s Bible geared more toward 6th graders and older, this Bible is perfect! It goes into more detail than the typical children’s Bible making it feel like a more mature Bible for growing kids. This children’s Bible is the perfect book for any family or ministry wanting to get something a little different than the usual kid’s Bible!

5. The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible by Janice Emmerson

This kid’s Bible has over 300 two-page illustrations making it the perfect Bible for young kids with vivid imaginations! This hefty Bible is over 600 pages long! The words in this book target higher-level readers, but parents, teachers, priests, or leaders could easily read it to an audience of any age!

What I love about this children’s Bible is:

  • It has a chapter for almost every chapter in the Holy Bible. The table of contents will tell you exactly which chapters in the Bible it correlates with.
  • The elaborate illustrations. With a title like this, you better believe the graphics make this Bible a good buy for your family!
  • The beginning of this Bible has a map that shows all of the iconic locations mentioned within the pages. Your kids will be able to see for themselves where some of the stories took place and where the people traveled to. This is an excellent feature that most Bibles do not have!

I would definitely recommend this book to any Christian family who wants a new children’s Bible. It has more stories, is beautiful, and has unique artwork! Any child can gain a better understanding, relationship, and love of God through reading this Bible.

6. NIV Adventure Bible by Zondervan

This Bible is one-of-a-kind and is perfect for older kids! There is nothing different about the words from the New International Version to this Adventure Bible. This children’s Bible is unique because it incorporates five things: color, fun facts, ‘did you know?’ sections, close-up details about the people and their life in the Bible, and recommended verses to memorize.

What I love about this children’s Bible is:

  • It has six different features throughout the book that highlight various aspects of the book. The features are “Words to Treasure,” “Did You Know?”, “Life in Bible Times,” “People in Bible Times,” “Live It!” and “Book Introductions .”One of the first pages of the Bible explains the corresponding symbols and what each one will describe throughout the book. That is super creative!
  • Even though the text isn’t different, the occasional picture here and there gives the reader something to visualize while reading.
  • It has all the footnotes, chapters, and verses as the NIV Bible does so that any child can follow along with their parents, teachers, pastors, etc., during devotionals. Still, they benefit from colorful pages and fun facts throughout! I love the extra things on each page that make this Bible welcoming to any young reader.
  • It has a concordance for looking up tricky words and a map outlining the different places mentioned in the Bible. This dictionary is a great study help when trying to understand the ancient writings of the Bible!

This children’s Bible will aid kids in learning more about the characters, locations, and exciting things through activities and memorization. Because of this, children will be able to grow closer in their relationship with God and their understanding of Him. I highly recommend this readable, accurate, and clear New International Bible Adventure Bible for kids that make the Bible more accessible and easy to read.

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7. The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story by Sergio Cariello

This Bible is the first of its kind and genuinely appealing today the style of today’s readers. This Bible is written as a comic book and is considered a graphic novel for kids. With over 819 pages in this graphic novel, children are sure to become immersed in the illustrations and stories of the Bible

What I like most about this children’s Bible is:

  • A Bible Book Index at the end of the book indicates which page number every chapter and specific verses of the Holy Bible it mentions in this Action Bible. If kids want to follow along with their Holy Bible, they have to look in the Bible Book Index to see which page corresponds with where they are reading as a family.
  • Since it’s written as a comic book, there are very few words on each page, and the reader can read the illustrations for more context into the storyline. This feature is perfect for young readers and readers who struggle with comprehension.
  • There is a very detailed Table of Contents that groups all of the chapters into specific sections. It then labels which chapters of the book are based on which chapters of the Holy Bible. Some areas in the Old Testament are: ‘Creation,’ ‘Fathers of Faith,’ ‘The Kings,’ ‘The Prophets,’ and ‘The Exiles.’ The New Testament section contains: ‘Jesus’ Birth and Ministry,’ ‘Jesus’ Final Days,’ ‘The Church is Born,’ and ‘Words to the Church.

As stated on the Amazon website, every page sparks excitement to explore God’s Word and know Him personally. Readers will witness God’s active presence in the world through stories from the life of Jesus and great heroes of the faith. Let this blend of powerful imagery and straightforward storytelling capture your imagination and instill the truth that invites you to discover your adventure of life with God.

8. 365 Bible Stories and Prayers by Cottage Door Press

Have you been looking for a Bible that you can read every day and want to finish in only a year? Well, this is the Bible for you! With 384 pages, 200 Bible stories, and over 100 prayers, this kid’s Bible has enough material to teach your child about God daily. Some stories featured in this book are Noah building an ark to survive the flood, how David defeats Goliath, Jesus’s story from birth to betrayal to resurrection, and so many more.

What I like most about this children’s Bible is:

  • It has a padded cover, which is super sturdy and durable! When you have young kids, this is a great resource, and you will look at it daily.
  • There is an English and Spanish version, so no matter what you speak in your home, you can teach and read the Bible as a family.
  • The stories are very simply written, only covering a page or two. This is wonderful for young kids since their attention span is not very long, so you can easily read a story each night with them.  
  • Each chapter explicitly states the corresponding chapter and verses of the Holy Bible that correlate, making it easy to follow during sermons, classes, or other family devotionals.

When the goal is to help your children gain a relationship with God and feel his presence in their life daily, this Bible is a great way to help achieve that! I would recommend this Bible for anyone with young kids aged 2-7 who like short stories from the Bible and who want the additional set of prayers to read as a family!

Feel free to check out the Spanish Version!

9. Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories for Young Children by Andrew J. DeYoung and Naomi Joy Krueger and Illustrated by Megan Higgins

If you are looking for a great children’s Bible that you can use for quick daily readings with your family, this Bible book is the one for you! There are 16 pages, each containing several lift-the-flap features for young kids to engage with. 

What I like about this children’s Bible is:

  • The lift-the-flaps on each page make it a book that 1-4-year-olds will actually want to read because of their active part in helping see what is behind each flap.
  • It has all of the most popular Bible stories. With only 16 pages total, this book brings God’s words to life when listening to their parents read the stories of Adam and Eve and the Story of Easter, among several others.
  • It is geared more toward a younger audience. The other kid’s Bibles mentioned in this article target older children and families. However, this Bible could be one of the first Bible’s a young kid sees because of the simplicity of the pictures and text.

This book would be a perfect gift for an expecting mama, birthday, Easter, or Christmas! I would recommend this Bible to any Christian family with a young child who loves to interact with books and learn more about God.

Final Thoughts On Finding the Perfect Children’s Bible

We hope this list helped you find some amazing kids bibles that your children will enjoy. All of these Christian books also make great gifts for friends and family. We would love your support in sharing and saving this article. 

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